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“I’ve always made drawings for myself since childhood. It fills some kind of need. The more elaborate ones presented here started off as random, quick sketches done on scraps of paper and then developed into what you see. None of them are illustrating a text but I like that they look like they might belong to a deluxe volume of fairy tales from the turn of the twentieth century.”

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No matter the moment, we got the options


From a delicate touch perfecting the iconic looks on Sex and The City to shattering the internet with a troupe of crayola-bright Jackie O’s in Moschino’s AW18 Show, the potential within Kabuki’s creativity and artistic ability is nearly boundless. To summarize Kabuki’s truly incredible list of accomplishments would be an insult to the staggering breadth of his work, so instead, explore his website to discover all that he has done—and continues to do—to reinvent glamour for over 25 years.

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