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What is Double Dutch?

Double Dutch is a gifting platform that helps give cash to great causes and clear trash from the planet.

How does Double Dutch work?

Users of the Double Dutch platform can buy a card featuring artworks by our exclusive creators to send to a friend. You attach a cash amount to the card that goes directly to the charity of your choice (at no fee via Adyen Giving), and a customized digital card with the donation amount and cause is sent as a gift to your friend. Your friend receives the art, the charity receives the donation, and there is less trash in landfills and more happy people.

The platform can also be used to request cash “gifts” towards a specified cause, allowing you to fundraise for causes you care about via a customizable digital “wall” associated with your account. The wall showcases your “collection” of cards and the charities to which you have received and wish to receive donations.

What is the fee and why do you charge for the cards?

Double Dutch art is currently priced at $2 per card. Card revenue is shared 50/50 with the artist. Many of our established artists are choosing to donate their proceeds to a charity of their choice. For emerging artists this can be a meaningful revenue stream to support their work and lives. For Double Dutch, this enables us to generate just enough revenue to keep the platform going (We hope! We’ll keep you posted there :-).

Can I have my gift refunded?

No, all charitable gifts made through the Double Dutch platform are final and non-refundable.

Which charities does Double Dutch work with?

Double Dutch makes the process of giving infinitely more meaningful, bringing gifted funds safely into the hands of impactful charities with a focus on efforts for Environment, Crisis Relief, and Equity & Access. We will be onboarding more charities + artists on an ongoing basis.

Initial Double Dutch charities include:
  • Wildlife Conservation Network / Knot on my Planet
  • OutRight Action International
  • Honnold Foundation
  • COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Why have these charities been selected?

Our aim is to serve the interests of our diverse user base and needs of the global community. This early group of charities represents a mix of organizations doing impactful work for the Environment, Crisis Relief + Equity & Access. For regulatory reasons our charities must be authorized US-based 501(c)(3)s and approved through the Adyen Giving vetting process.

How are charities vetted?

Double Dutch is working with payments partner Adyen to onboard a range of qualified charities through the Adyen Giving program.

Can I make a donation without buying a card?

No, not through Double Dutch. The artist card, customizable message and personal collection wall are core to the Double Dutch experience. Over time, we will continue to add features to the Double Dutch platform to engage you and your community in giving.

Is my charitable contribution tax deductible?

Yes! All donations are tax deductible for the donor. The charity to which you gave will keep your name and gift amount in their records and issue tax deductible letters at the end of the calendar year for qualifying gifts (those totalling more than $250 per entity per year). For smaller gift sizes, you should keep track in your records and may deduct the donations. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Will I be able to send cash to my friends?

We plan to add a direct cash gifting option for personal goals later in 2021.

How can I get involved with Double Dutch?

If you are interested in supporting Double Dutch’s efforts feel free to reach out to us:

How do I submit my art to Double Dutch?

Our Double Dutch team is always looking for amazing photos, paintings and drawings. Periodically, we will run competitions to identify new and emerging art for the Double Dutch collection.

Please feel free to reach out to us here: for more information.

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